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GEN-3 Heated Blades

We are very excited to introduce our GEN-3 blade.

GEN-3 Heated Blades with heated squeegee module is now available to order, and will ship immediately!

The GEN-3 blade will come with a vehicle lifetime wiper blade frame and a heated squeegee module for winter use, which is replaceable with an unheated module for summer use.

The GEN-3 blade will be sold as a set of two blades which will come with our patented Electronic Control Module (ECM), which will determine when to turn on the heat and how much heat to apply. The ECM is mounted under the hood of the vehicle, truck or equipment, and can be wired directly to the battery. two wires will go to each of the blades, and 2 wires will be routed to the front of the vehicle and mounted right behind the grill for reading the outside temperature.


THERMALBLADE Silicone Heated Wiper Blade (GEN-3) (Kit)
SKU: SW3014-14
Our price: $149.99