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Rep/Reseller/Distributor Programs

How to become a THERMALBLADE Sales Representative, Dealer or Distributor is a question we have been asked at an incredible rate these last few weeks and we wanted to take some time and lay out the qualifications needed for each level of THERMALBLADE Sales.

THERMALBLADE is a manufacturer of Heated Safety wiper blades in Pennsylvania. We have reps, dealers and distributors all around the world.

Becoming a Thermalblade Reseller or Retailer

Unlike most reseller programs our program does NOT involve a lengthy form based setup process. To qualify for wholesale pricing we have 1 time introductory set for sale. This set provides a Heated Countertop Display Unit for your store a selection of mixed sizes of Thermalblades and some pre-selected examples of our installation and replacement products, the setup of your account on thermalblade.com for your convenient reorder, technical support and pdf copies of Thermalblade technical specification documents and marketing material personalized with your companies contact information. We also list all of our resellers on our website so that local traffic from around your area can find you. There is a minimum re-order quantity to continue to qualify for reseller pricing.

We are selective on resellers by determining your market served and your geographic location in relation to other resellers in your area. We do not place resellers on top of one another.

For more information on how to get started contact info@thermalblade.com


Becoming a Thermalblade stocking Distributor

A stocking distributor is an individual company or group who buys larger quantities of Thermalblade products in order to support local dealers and sell volume.

A stocking distributor is expected to have on hand:

  •          A selection of the various 14 sizes of Thermalblades
  •          A selection of both loose replacement squeegee as well as squeegee replacement kits
  •          A selection of add a circuits and installation hardware
  •          Displays and demos for re-distribution to new dealers
  •          We would also expect stocking distributor to provide local support to resellers

Although we do not have an exclusivity agreement with any of our distributors we do space out or distributors in separate regions to ensure the success of any one distributor in an area.

Based on stock available any one area by a distributor we funnel our new and current resellers through the local distributor closest to them to help save the reseller on shipping costs and time constraints on new orders.

For more information on how to get started contact info@thermalblade.com


Becoming a Thermalblade Sales Representative.

A sales rep is a person who actively seeks out new opportunities to sell Thermalblades on a commission based structure, any sale made directly or referred by the sale rep warrants a commission payment that is sent out at the end of each month.

A sales rep can sell to retailers as well as to individuals.

There is a buy in on the Sales Rep program.

For an individual to properly commit to representing Thermalblade they should have Thermalblades installed on their vehicle:

  •          To understand the installation and be able to explain it.
  •          To experience what it is like to drive through winter conditions with Thermalblade Safety.
  •          To demonstrate to people the effect of the heated wiper by allowing people to see and touch the blades while active

The buy in also provides the sales rep with a demo unit kit. This Demo unit kit comes with

  •          13 inch heated wiper that has a 12 volt power adapter that plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  •          A selection of wiper arm adapter clips
  •          An add a circuit fuse block adapter to show people the simplicity of the installation
  •          A set of actual instructions
  •          A hard carrying case

The buy in also provides the sales rep with a login to our system with pre loaded pricing and commission structure for both wholesale sales and retail sales.

For more information on how to get started contact info@thermalblade.com